Sunday, November 20, 2016

Which Blade to Choose: Fixed or Folder Blade?

Over the years, There has been a raging debate concerning the best type of blade to choose from if you compare the folder blade and the fixed blade. All these blades have advantages but the question is, which one among these two is better to have? Many will argue that the type of blade to have will depend on the environment in which you find yourself and the kind of job you want to perform with such a blade. However, it's imperative to have a blade that'll give you the best services and also one that is durable enough.

Anybody who's interested in a having a folder blade should look at the various advantages that it has over the fixed blade. The first thing to know is that folder blades are easy to conceal and are more discrete than fixed blades. This is particularly the case for someone living in an insecure neighborhood and needs to carry a weapon for self-defense, or if he/she is in the security business. These blades are convenient and can be carried easily in one’s pockets. This feature does not compromise their toughness because they compare very favorably to fixed blades in that aspect.

However, unlike folder blades, fixed blades come in different shapes and sizes ranging from the small handy blades to the large and heavy duty ones. They're strong and stable and cannot easily break since they do not have any movable parts. Their fixed nature makes them easier to maintain because cleaning them is quite simple and uncomplicated. One need not worry about hinges or other movable parts because you do not need to fold the blade in any way. Another advantage that fixed blades have over folder blades is that they are twice as long and this gives them greater reach than folder blades. This, therefore, means that fixed blades are faster and easier to employ than folder blades especially when it comes to tactical situations.

The fixed blade is more versatile and a superior survival tool because it can perform a number of tasks including activities like digging, food preparation, first aid, hunting, splitting among others. Therefore, this has increased their popularity with many users who view them as multi-functional. In case you need a blade that's easier to conceal and use in an insecure urban environment, you can still find a smaller and more portable type of a fixed blade. This blade can not only be used for security purposes, but also for camping, fishing and tactical use. It, therefore, goes without saying that a fixed blade is better than a folder blade. The main reason being that it can be used in several environments due to its versatility and variety.

The folder blade, on the other hand, has few uses and presents difficulties in certain situations. It's also hard to maintain because one has to navigate hidden parts to clean it and this affects its durability. Nonetheless, a folder blade is much more convenient than the fixed blade only that its uses are limited. In a trying to get the best service from a blade, it's advisable to go for the fixed blade due to its overwhelming advantages over the folder blade.

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