Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SNA Monthly Spotight: Functional 69.5" Carbon Steel Japanese Samurai Naginata

The Naginata is the Japanese version of the Pole Arm. The design of the weapon was originally based on the Chinese Pu Dao. The Naginata first came into use during the 8th century. Originally used to dismount horsemen, the Naginata also proved to be efficient in clearing foot soldiers and soon became a favorite among the Samurai.
Attributes of the Weapon:
-The blade of the naginata is carbon steel and features a double bohi. The blade has been sharpened.
-The saya is wooden with a scratch resistant, black matte finish. It is accented with a carved mon.
-The guard of the naginata is a blackened sukashi design with blossoms.
-The shaft of the naginata is scratch resistant black matte with three blackened fittings along its length. It is made in a fashion similar to a tsuka on a katana and is secured to the blade by two mekugi.

Note: Assembly is required. Included mekugi will need to be fit to the shaft holes by light carving.

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