Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The Munetoshi Viper with Blue Katatemaki has a unique geometry, and is one of the best handling swords we offer here at Sword N Armory.

Featuring an Unokubi-zukuri style geometry, there are two bohi (grooves), and about 1/3 up the blade, the geometry changes into a diamond cross section. The combination of the grooves and diamond cross section gives an exceptionally light sword. Coming in at only 2lbs, this sword was designed to cut light targets with ease and is fully capable for use in Tameshigiri. The extremely tough blade will not easily bend or take a set due to the superior heat treatment of the steel.

Viper Geometry
  •        The Unokubi-zukuri geometry stems from a naginata blade which is then cut down and turned into a katana or wakizashi. 
  •        When the basic shape of the naginata is elongated to fit more closely to a standard katana shape, you are left with a sword that has extremely lively handling. 
  •        The complex geometry is not just for show, it's also a highly engineered and well-thought-out design that improves the weight distribution, handling, and durability. 
Performance Characteristics
  •        Specially made 1075 Spring Steel and superior heat treatment make this sword extremely durable and does not easily bend or torque. 
  •        Weight distribution: Great weight distribution where the sword is very easy to maneuver and does not strain the joints.
  •        Made to cut light targets such as bottles, paper and tatami omote.
This is an unique katana with rarely seen geometry, extreme light weight, superior heat treatment, and superior handling.

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