Monday, February 6, 2017

The Claymore - More To It Than Its Appearance

For almost three centuries England and Scotland were at war. These wars are known as the 'Anglo-Scottish Wars' fought over the independence of Scotland from England. The history of these famous battles has been well-documented and is one of the most exciting periods in British and Scottish history. The movie 'Braveheart', which starred Mel Gibson, tells the story of a Scottish hero, William Wallace and the Battle of Stirling; during his famous Braveheart Freedom speech, Gibson is carrying a Claymore Sword.

The Claymore was used primarily by Scottish warriors between the 14th and 17th centuries. The term itself is Anglic and Gaelic, meaning great sword. It was easily the most popular weapon with Scottish warriors for several centuries. The Claymore is a very long sword, up to 60 inches. It is a two-handed, double-edged sword. There were two types of hand guards used on the Claymore - the simple cross guard, two arms that faced toward the tip of the sword, and the basket-hilted, a basket fashioned at the hilt of the sword. Both applications were designed to protect the user's hands. Because of their size and heft, these weapons were quite heavy, weighing up to 5.5 lb. The basket-hilted sword is often referred to as a broadsword and used into the 18th century.

The Claymore was considered a formidable weapon for its time, striking fear into the hearts of the enemy. It was strictly an infantry weapon and too heavy for Calvary; it could deliver a devastating blow, making it almost impossible for an enemy to block or parry. Because of the length, it was difficult for an enemy to get close enough to inflict harm and if they did get close enough for hand-to-hand combat, the Claymore also featured a longer than normal ricasso, the unsharpened end of the sword used as the handle, which served as an excellent club. These weapons usually reserved for clansmen who had the size and tenacity to use them.

Because of their long and storied history, these swords have become a much sought-after collector's item. These beautiful weapons are in demand for display and occasionally are used in battle reenactments. Original models are almost impossible to find, most are in private collections or on display in a museum, such as the National Museum of Scotland. Sword enthusiasts who want to show a beautiful piece of history can easily find replicas of the Claymore; there are hundreds of types available. Prices will vary depending on the source and quality; you can spend as little as a $100.00 or well over $500.00 for one of these legendary swords. You can find them here at Sword N Armory!

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