Thursday, March 30, 2017

3 Reasons Why The Sword Action In The Film "World of Warcraft" Was Well-Done

The film Warcraft is based on the game World of Warcraft. The film focused on both storyline and on action sequences. The filmmakers knew that to do justice to the source material, they had to create a script with a comprehensive story and characters and the best battle sequencing that they could achieve. The sword fighting in the film was particularly well done. They achieved this with creating authentic swords, training the actors to fight with the sword, and with the right film direction and editing. 

One.) Authentic Swords

The Warcraft film used authentically built swords for the Warcraft universe. The swords were built similarly to the game's designs, but they also were designed to be used for realistic looking fights. The highly-acclaimed design and effects for the entertainment industry Weta Workshop crafted the Warcraft weaponry. They are known for their prop and weaponry design work for Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and many other films. 

Dragon Sword is the sword of King Llane. The Dragon Sword is viewed as the unifier of the allied forces during the war. The instantly recognizable hilt of the Dragon Sword is an important aspect of the king's sword fighting. The king has a unique sword and armor, so that you immediately know it is him as he fights. Lothar and the orcs also have recognizable swords and armor designs that makes it easy to tell who is fighting.

Two.) Proper Sword Training for the Cast

Anduin Lothar is the character who sword fights perhaps the most in the film. He is played by Travis Fimmel. He did extensive pre-production training with the sword and with his arms. Travis Fimmel stated during an interview about the film that the swords were three times the size of an average sword. It was necessary to do plenty of upper body strengthening exercises to fight with the swords. 

The actress Paula Patton plays the half orc-half human character Garona. She said in an interview that she did two and a half hours of physical training six days a week to prepare for her role as Garona. Then after a while of that training, she said they went through and additional two hours of sword, knife, sticks, and stunt training.

Three.) Film Directing

Training and decent looking weaponry design are vital to capturing sword fighting in a strong manner. The last important reason Warcraft excelled at authentic sword fighting comes down to the direction and the digital universe work of the film crew. The director Duncan Jones is a longtime fan of the World of Warcraft. He knew the importance of how to frame a shot of sword fighting in a manner that was true to the game universe. The primary focus of sword fight sequences relies on filming closely by the lead characters during the important sword fights they have. They generally focus on them during important moves. There are a few sword battles that show numerous characters battling at once. These are important to show the odds and the numbers of both feuding sides of the war. 

The film crew additionally realized the need to create flawless computer generated effects for the orc battle sequences. They put a lot of effort, design, toil and realism to the creation of all the orcs battle sequences. The orcs sequences were carefully planned to be intensely physical, which makes the viewer really feel like they are a part of the action. 

The crew carefully planned each battle scene for both the computer-generated battles and the physical battles. This effort to plan the sword fighting helped them craft perfect orc Warcraft battles. The orcs and the human sword battles are also developed excellently. In some of the battles between the orcs and men they used stunt people as stand ins for the orcs. This allowed actors to battle with a stunt person, and then they went in and added the computer-generated orc into the battle. 

The Warcraft film is memorable for the sword fighting sequences and other various unique battle scenes. The sword design, the extensive sword technique and footwork training the actors went through, and the film directing made the sword play stand apart from other action films. They also ensured to keep enough of the World of Warcraft game fighting techniques for it to be recognizable to those familiar with the strategy of the game.

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