Sunday, April 30, 2017

Careful How You Clean Your Sword!

If one has ever owned a real hand-made sword from Sword N Armory, the basic care and maintenance of it can seem daunting and overwhelming. It can't just be sprayed with Windex and wiped down with a rag. If someone ends up touching the sword with their bare fingers, it’ll need to be cleaned as quickly as possible. Human skin tends to be very acidic and could cause high carbon steel blades to end up rusting quite quickly. However, looking after and maintaining a sword isn't really that hard or scary. Just know the basic principles and apply those principles with common sense.

Oiling the Sword
Swords are made from high carbon steel and the problem with that is this material is prone to ruse if it is exposed to any type of moisture for long periods of time. Living in a humid environment can be detrimental for swords. To keep the sword spotless as well as completely blemish free, make sure that it is only oiled around once every month in dryer climates and as often as once a week during humid months or in a humid climate. Also, include oiling as the cleanup process after any training is done.

Cleaning Stuff Off the Sword
The chances are that most people will use the sword occasionally, and end up getting stuff on it that won't easily come off. If water while wiping won't remove what is stuck, WD-40 with a lint-free cloth will typically work just fine. Once finished, make sure that the sword is dried completely and then oiled to help keep it looking its best.

Storing for Longer Periods of Time
If the plan is to store the sword for a while and don't want to regularly oil it, make sure that it is stored in a cool and a dry location. The best way to go when storing the sword is to coat it with Vaseline and then wrap it in rags. Tie the rags around the sword and then store it in the cool, dry location that has been found.

Real swords have a lot of maintenance required to keep them looking their best. Don't let the maintenance be a scary thing, though. Once in a groove, the cleaning as well as the maintenance can be a quick and easy task! Make sure, if storing the sword, that it is done so properly, to ensure when taking it out of storage, it isn't rusted!

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