Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Scottish Highlander Gunn Crested Medieval Clansword Wire Wrapped Velvet Handle

This is the 43" Scottish Highlander Gunn Crested Medieval Clansword Wire Wrapped Velvet Handle w/Plaque. The crest displays the family motto "AUT PAX AUT BELLUM" (Either Peace or War) featuring a Dexter-hand wielding a sword motif.

The clans from the Scottish highlands are well represented here with the various family names: Wallace, Cameron, Stuart of Bute, Stewart, Douglas, MacGregor, Campbell, Gunn, MacPherson, MacDougall, Thistle, Scott, MacDonald, Wallace(alternate). 
In the center of the guard is the Family Crest of the Clan of your choice with their respective motto. Choose your clan!

- All metal parts of the sword are stainless steel.
- This sword comes with a wooden plaque for easy wall mounting.
- The hilt of the sword is wrapped in brown suede with steel wire.
- The cruciform guard has detailed scroll work.
- The pommel of the handle is solid steel and balances the sword.
- The sword has a partial tang extending approx two-thirds of the way into the hilt.

*Caution, the blade has been somewhat sharpened - this item is intended for decorative purposes. Not suitable for LARP!

The Highlander Clansword Collection has 14 different family crests available. You can find them all by name by using our store search feature. Collect them all!

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